Your Pet’s Last Moments Can Be Beautiful Ones

It’s a difficult concept for any of us to truly understand, but our pet’s passing—while terribly sad—can be tremendously beautiful. This requires the right setting—your pet, inside his or her home—and a provider who understands the power of the human-pet bond.

Your dog or cat is not an animal that happens to live with you, he or she is a member of the family who is loved and will be missed. We help you treat his or her last moments with dignity and respect.

A Simple Procedure

We begin euthanasia procedures by spending time with you and your pet, getting them relaxed and comfortable. A sedative is given in most situations to help your pet feel sleepy and stress-free. The final medication is then given. It’s a pain-free experience and takes only a few seconds.

Caring Aftercare

Through our preferred provider, Pet Memorial Cremations, we offer individual cremation services, special urns, paw prints, keepsake jewelry, and personalized plaques to remember your pet by. Respectful communal cremation services are also available.