Let’s Take the Stress out of Visits to the Vet

Owning a pet in rural and suburban areas is part of a good quality of life. And there’s no reason it should be difficult to find good quality pet care just because you don’t live in the city. Keysville Mobile Veterinary Services provides that pet care by bringing it to you, with regular physical exams.

Annual Checkups

Yearly exams are extremely important to your pet's health. In 1 year, pets can age the equivalent of 7 human years, so a lot of issues can develop in a short amount of time. Don’t wait for urgent health matters to arise before scheduling with us for a visit.

Personalized Health Plans

Each pet has individual needs and a unique lifestyle. After a thorough exam, we will help you decide what is best for your pet in terms of diet, exercise, vaccinations, and any treatment or medication he or she may need. Because we do this exam at your home, our doctors have a firsthand look into your pet’s lifestyle and habits.

Disease Prevention

Preventing disease and early disease management could add years to your pet's life. With regular checkups and monitoring, we can prevent and detect a variety of conditions, from flea and tick infestations to more serious and less common issues.

Senior Pets

For senior pets and pets with ongoing medical issues, we even offer in-home blood pressure monitoring, glaucoma testing, and blood sugar checks. These simple procedures help give your pet the best quality of life in his or her golden years. Because we can perform these services in the comfort of your home, your dog or cat will not undergo unnecessary stress in what should be a peaceful time of life.

Urgent Care

For emergencies and other matters that need attention right away, we recommend CARE in Frederick, Mason Dixon EAH in Southern Pennsylvania, and Central Carroll Animal Emergency in Westminster. They can be reached by phone at:

Sick appointments can be made directly with us depending on availability.